Americana singer/songwriter Mike Graham draws on folk-rock, soul and country influences to create songs that touch hearts and souls. His stirring voice bridges these influences seamlessly.

Born and raised in untamed West Texas oilfields and flatlands, Mike's music is a reflection of the energy and spirit of his roots. It's not surprising that his debut album (1999) was titled "Just West of Nowhere".

Mike recorded two more well-received albums in the early 2000s: "Find You a Highway" (2001) and "Bad Ideas" (2004) and received significant airplay on Texas and satellite radio.

After touring just about every club, honky-tonk, and festival in Texas and beyond for almost a decade, Mike walked away from the music business in 2006 to focus on his new family and generally learning how to be a grown-up.

It only took a global pandemic to get him writing songs and making music again. In 2020, Mike released a seven song EP "Sunset/Sunrise". The self-explanatory first track is titled "Good to be Back".

Mike is back. Writing songs. Performing far and wide. Catch him at a venue near you or at his monthly residency at The Post at River East in Fort Worth.